About me

Always ready to fly!A Thousand Flights is my passion: to share the joy of travel which has been a big part of my life, and if I can, to make the process easier for others. Only through travel can we truly appreciate that humanity is much the same everywhere; we don’t travel to discover quaint natives, rather we travel to find ourselves.

I’m a retired public servant. I drove a night cab for five years after retirement, and now I usually get up early to drive an Uber in the predawn. Taking others off to the airport for their own trips, like as not.

And the income helps me keep on travelling. I’ve been around the world nine times so far, and I’m not done yet!

This site is free to use. Like the world itself, the sights and experiences are open to public gaze once you actually go there. Stand on the shore of San Francisco Bay and look on the Golden Gage Bridge. It’s a million dollar view that costs nothing. I hope that some of my postcards give the same impression.

The site costs me a bit for hosting and traffic and security, and I’ve signed up for a few ads to help pay. I don’t pick the ads, so if you get sponsored links to inappropriate sites, you may wish to check your browsing history and cookies.

I also include some affiliate links. I heartily recommend Amazon as a source for books and videos, such as Alain de Boton’s The Art of Travel, one of the most thoughtful books on travel ever written. If you follow an Amazon link from this site, I’ll get a few cents back.

And go travel! The world and its wonders are out there, why are you waiting?