All agog and magog

All agog and magog

9 Dec 2016

My earliest memories are of Melbourne. Trips into the city with my parents and siblings, and my eyes were everywhere at the marvels. Skyscrapers, the Christmas windows of the big shops on Bourke Street, stomping through the piles of autumn leaves in Fitzroy Gardens…

Years later, I came back to Melbourne to work, and I’d roam the central city, browsing the bookshops, salivating in the food halls and markets, just surfing the throng and the life and the colour going on all around.

I was recently in Melbourne. It hasn’t changed. Still exciting and interesting.

Get off the main streets into the maze of laneways and arcades. These are about as full of life and good things as any place in Melbourne and more so than most.

The Royal Arcade is the oldest of these arcades, opened in 1970, and beautifully restored to glory. Its iconic clock featuring the mythic figures of Gog and Magog striking the hours never fails to draw photographers, while the cafes and tearooms and chocolate boutiques are delicious window-shopping.

Always busy at tea times, these places are well worth the wait, just for the chance to sip a latte, munch on something yummy, and watch life go by.