Blog, camera, action!

Blog, camera, action!

3 Jan 2017

I’ve been looking at some travel blogs – like, about a million! – over the past day or so. Some very impressive efforts and they all just blast out enthusiasm. Makes me want to call an Uber out to the airport and go someplace amazing.

Photographs are a vital part of a travel blog. Neon sunsets, majestic landscapes, quaint locals, jets heading off into the sky; the pictures are worth a thousand words. A good blog post will have you wanting to put yourself in the picture.

But so often I see photographs that are fuzzy, or dark, or wonky. You’ve spent a fortune getting out to the blue whale stampede at the erupting volcano during the midsummer eclipse, and the photos aren’t up to scratch. You’ve got your memories, sure, but your readers have to rely on the photos.

Think about a decent camera, learning some photography skills, posting pictures that you can be proud of.

The postcard image above is a good starter. An Olympus Pen EPL-7: small, capable, inexpensive. I’ll talk later about why this or a similar camera is the perfect travel blogging companion.

Of course, sometimes your phone camera is all you have in the moment, and you can take some great shots with a phone. But there’s a limit to how much a tiny plastic lens and a sensor the size of a crumb can take you.