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A travel blog that isn't crap

A travel blog that isn’t crap

The start of a new year is usually marked by people writing down 2017, crossing it out, and writing 2018. Sometimes it takes a while for that sort of irritating muscle memory to cut out. Me, I’m still writing years starting with “19”…

It’s also the traditional time for travel bloggers to take stock of where they have been, how much they have made, where they want to go next, how many thousands of dollars a month should be their goal…



Here’s a swan and a half. New South Wales woman Sorelle Amore won a world trip with no worries about where to stay. Luxury mansions all the way. We could all handle that gig, yeah?

Rosie Fizmaurice of Business Insider caught up with Sorelle who explained how she handled three months of mostly solo travel – she spent a week with her boyfriend at The Mandala House in Bali – living in luxury houses managed by Thirdhome, described as “The AirBnB for the 1%”.

This is a job I’ll never get. It helps to be young and beautiful, articulate, take a good photo – and have a social media following of a hundred thousand or so. Good on her. I like her style.

Speed blogging

Speed blogging

A little outside my normal sort of post about travel and travel blogs, but the information in this post is relevant to all travel blogs. Better performance, more readers, more page-views, more money!

Ivica Delic at Knowledge Base for Freelancers has put together a useful guide on speeding up Wordpress sites. You run a travel blog, chances are it’s powered by WordPress, and it could use a little hurry-up, yeah? I know I got some big gains very quickly by following this advice.

A year alone

A year alone in the world

Ania of Ania Travels writes about a year spent as a solo traveller. Normally I’m a bit down on these sort of “15 best things about…” posts, but I think she’s nailed it here. Her wisdom shines through: travel isn’t about being away from home. Any blogger contemplating extended solo travel away from home, family, job, and a mountain of possessions should read this.

I’m not a big fan of selfie sticks, neither, but Ania has got the genre down to an artform. Love it!