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Best Travel Camera

Best Travel Camera

Matthew Karsten of The Expert Vagabond gives a rundown on how to choose the best travel camera. This is a subject of keen interest to me, and Matt’s advice is gold. The proof is in his pudding, with a blog full of amazing photographs, and he’s actually carrying his kit with him. He even includes a shot of his carry-on bag and all the camera gear that fits in it.

Retro shooter: Fujifilm X-T20

Retro shooter

The Traveling Boomer is a blog I’ve been following for a good many years. Paul piqued my interest with this post about a travel camera, a modest mirrorless from Fuji. It certainly looks the part, a very handsome retro SLR look. He says it has a rangefinder style, but with that chunky prism hump, it’s definitely channelling the single lens reflex cameras of yesteryear.

Delphi Selfie

Lightroom beginners

Cinnamon Wolfe, in her self-titled blog aimed at photographers and bloggers, delivers gold. 

Let me explain. I know some photographers who – like me – invested in a nice camera, and like to document their travels. Their feeds are full of shots of exotic places, and it’s clear that they are having a great time, snapping away at all the glorious scenery and interesting locals. And their meals.

But their creative input ceases at the press of the shutter button. That shot is in the can, let’s post it to Facebook, move on.

I use Lightroom from Adobe, because not only does it let me edit my photographs to really bring them to life, it organises them for me. And I’ve got thousands and thousands of them.

Cinnamon knows her stuff, and she offers the basics in a series of video tutorials. 

Quirky street art abounds in the cities of Iran. Colourful, fun, whimsical: enjoy!

Enjoy Iran

Lonesome Wanderer has a special section in his blog called Enjoy Iran, and it is marvelous. What caught my eye was his post of photographs, each with a short caption, each a feast of beauty. Sometimes a literal feast, of deliciously arranged foods.

I browsed through, sighing with recollections of my times in Iran. It is truly a beautiful land, full of friendly people and history that stretches the mind.

Don't buy this camera

Don’t buy this camera!

Henry Phillips of Gear Patrol reviews the new Leica CL. Bottom line, it’s a mirrorless interhangeable lens camera with a crop sensor that takes Leica L lenses and the bigger M and R lenses with an adaptor.

It’s a camera that I would love to own. I’m a Leica nut, and I just adore their lenses for high quality photographer-oriented usability. There’s no blaming the lens if your shot doesn’t work out.

The camera looks good, is well-designed, has some nifty features, and it has a tonne of cool.

But it’s not for me.

iphone shooter

iPhone shooter

I’ve been photographing my travels for over thirty years, and I’ve watched as cameras became increasingly smaller and more capable. Nowadays, even a humble phone camera is a photography system far superior to my old film SLR. Not to mention being slim enough to tuck into a shirt pocket, and having the ability to instantly share with a global audience. Truly mind-blowing stuff!

They say that the best camera is the one you have with you. Nowadays, I shoot with mirrorless cameras costing thousands, but often I’m not carrying one, or it is packed away securely, or otherwise unavailable when that fabulous photo opportunity hits. To capture the decisive moment, I reach into my pocket, pull out my iPhone, take the shot, and upload it to Instagram. In a matter of seconds.

The genius behind Map, Camera, Travel gives a detailed run-through – with photographs – of iPhone photography. There is a tonne of features that will enhance your shots right out of the box, not to mention various hardware and software add-ons.

My favourite? Wipe the lens before shooting. Otherwise, it’s a foggy day.