A year alone

A year alone in the world

Ania of Ania Travels writes about a year spent as a solo traveller. Normally I’m a bit down on these sort of “15 best things about…” posts, but I think she’s nailed it here. Her wisdom shines through: travel isn’t about being away from home. Any blogger contemplating extended solo travel away from home, family, job, and a mountain of possessions should read this.

I’m not a big fan of selfie sticks, neither, but Ania has got the genre down to an artform. Love it!

Lovely Lofoten

Lovely Lofoten

A post by Tom from Adventurous Travels. He and his sidekick Flavio look into some of the more remote and interesting corners of the world. When they say that it is the most beautiful place on the planet, well it’s something worth listening to. The photographs are truly extraordinary. Go, read the post, admire the views, and then settle down with a mug of something and read the rest of the blog. I feel ashamed of my travels around airports and city streets. These guys really get stuck into the travel lark!