A Thousand Adventures

Cities and airports in the English-speaking world. That’s most of my travels. Here are tales – and amazing photographs – from those who go and do the stuff I dare not.

Magic Kingdom

The Grown-Up’s Guide to the Magic Kingdom

Kris of Nomad by Trade gives an insider’s guide to the Magic Kingdom. Where the best eats are – the photo shows the yummiest snack in the park, something called a Dole Whip, which sounds pretty dire in Australia, but apparently “dole” means something else in the States – the best rides, the best photo opportunities, even a few places to kick your boots off and relax a bit. I once spent half of a jam-packed day at the Magic Kingdom – the other half being at the Kennedy Space Centre – and it was awesome. Being able to shave a few minutes here and there makes more time for more things to do.

Not nearly enough time to see everything, but I had fun. I might go back another time and maybe tuck into a bucket of that Dole Whip stuff.

Lovely Lofoten

Lovely Lofoten

A post by Tom from Adventurous Travels. He and his sidekick Flavio look into some of the more remote and interesting corners of the world. When they say that it is the most beautiful place on the planet, well it’s something worth listening to. The photographs are truly extraordinary. Go, read the post, admire the views, and then settle down with a mug of something and read the rest of the blog. I feel ashamed of my travels around airports and city streets. These guys really get stuck into the travel lark!