A Thousand Bloggers

Delphi SelfieBloggers write the blogs. They are all different, all fascinating, all entertaining.

They have different lifestyles, different strategies, different themes and goals and joys.

Their advice is worth listening to when they talk of what keeps them going, what software or physical kit they use, what their failures have been, and what has worked for them.

I love their occasional posts where they sum up their experience or stop for some soul-searching or reveal their hopes for the future. These keep me going too!



Speed blogging

Speed blogging

A little outside my normal sort of post about travel and travel blogs, but the information in this post is relevant to all travel blogs. Better performance, more readers, more page-views, more money!

Ivica Delic at Knowledge Base for Freelancers has put together a useful guide on speeding up Wordpress sites. You run a travel blog, chances are it’s powered by WordPress, and it could use a little hurry-up, yeah? I know I got some big gains very quickly by following this advice.

A year alone

A year alone in the world

Ania of Ania Travels writes about a year spent as a solo traveller. Normally I’m a bit down on these sort of “15 best things about…” posts, but I think she’s nailed it here. Her wisdom shines through: travel isn’t about being away from home. Any blogger contemplating extended solo travel away from home, family, job, and a mountain of possessions should read this.

I’m not a big fan of selfie sticks, neither, but Ania has got the genre down to an artform. Love it!