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Boats of all sizes, from the biggest slab-sided wedding cake of a cruise ship, to the glorified dugout that takes you across Sandfly Creek. 

Voyages of all lengths. Anything that involves water. Not all travel is from airport terminals, you know!


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Cruise ports: good and bad

Paul and Carole of Paul and Carole Love to Travel – catchy name, that! – have solicited advice from a shipload of cruisers as to their notions of the best and worst cruise ports. I’ve only been to a couple of them, but the verdict(s) tally with my own views. There’s one port stirring a bit of controversy, and amusement.

Then again, I love cruising, and if a port isn’t highly rated, I’m happy to sit with a good book and a cool drink and watch everyone else wasting their time.

But some ports are absolute crackers, and posts like this get me itching to go cruising again.