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Like it or not – and I do! – flying is how most of us travel to see the world. Here are the experiences, the wisdom, the tips and traps, the joys of flight.

Master the art of flying, and you are halfway to the world!



Earn airmiles without flying

Josie of Josie Wanders is living the dream. She and her husband are taking a year off to travel the world, and every day or so I get a blog post from a new place, each destination more exotic and exciting than the last.

She has been able to save a bundle on the cost of this junket by accumulating points. Points from flying, points from hotel stays, points from buying everyday groceries, points here, points there. They all add up, and before you know it you’re flying long-haul First class to the next exotic destination. For free. What a life!

I’ve done my share of these sort of shenanigans, but I totally take my hat off to Josie. She’s got the points game sorted.