A Thousand Meals

Travel is not travel if you eat the McDonalds and drink the Starbucks. Well, not proper travel, anyway. You have to eat the local tucker to get a taste of the culture. And take a snap of the dish.


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World's best foods: pizza

World’s best foods: Countdown from Fifty

CNN has produced a comprehensive list of the world’s best foods. I cannot argue with a list that places chocolate in the top three, and there are many national dishes, such as Peking Duck, Seafood Paella, Pho and so on. 

Just looking at the list, and I’ve enjoyed 35 of the 50, seventeen of them in their native lands. Possibly a few more, if I were able to go back and check. I can’t remember having poutine in Canada. That sounds like one to stick in the memory, one way or another!

East end eats in London. Cockney tucker and high class grub.

East End eats

Brittany of The Sweet Wanderlust got my attention when she began talking about a food tour. Then again, she always gets my attention; her whole delicious blog is about food and travel!

She describes a food tour of London’s East End, and I have some experience there. I once had dinner with BookCrossing friends at St Johns “Nose to Tail” restaurant. It was a fun night, with some very interesting food. “You want to live to a ripe old age,” my doctor wife advised, “don’t try that dish.”

In 2005, during my Monopoly tour of London, I used Tim Moore’s “Do Not Pass Go” as my guide, and after reading his hilarious encounter with Tubby Isaacs and jellied eels, I sought out the food van and ordered some for myself. Let it be known that in the thirteen years since that moment, I have never felt the urge to eat that particular delicacy again.