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Hong Kong: Gateway to Adventure!Travel. It’s all about the places, right? The deserts, the rainforests, the cities, the mountains. Here are posts about places. what to do, what to see, where to stay, the history, the culture…

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Frankly Sintra

Frankly Sintra

Sam Sparrow of As the Sparrow Flies writes about Sintra in Portugal, a place I visited last year. It was raining and there was zero parking and it was a frustrating experience. Although we eventually found a dodgy park in a churchyard and had a wonderful meal in a nearby tavern, we didn’t get to see the main sights. So we’re going back next year on a proper tour. In the meantime, Sam’s excellent post on the place will have to do.

Gaudi display

Gaudi display

Andy and Bart are The Jetset Boyz, and here they talk of architect Antoni Gaudí’s as yet unfinished masterwork in Barcelona, the stunning Sagrada Familia. Easily one of the most impressive buildings I’ve ever seen, it inspires, its spired majesty lifting above the Barcelona plain.

It is the reason I wish to live to a great age, so I can see the thing complete. Andy’s lyrical words raise my desire to return.


SF: Seriously Freaky

Carol at Wayfaring Views lists and describes some of San Francisco’s off-beat bits. Some of these places I’ve been to – and love – some are waaay outside my experience. It’s all good. San Francisco is a city I fell in love with right from the start when my shuttle pulled up at Fort Mason. Many subsequent visits have only pushed it further into my heart. Carol writes with love, and that’s the way the City should be written about.