Dawn’s early light

Dawn's early light

Gold Coast
27 December 2016

One of the best – and worst – parts of travel is being outside one’s comfort zone. I’m out of my routine here at the Gold Coast, and I got out and about as the light began to grow on the beach, rather than lolling in bed like any determined holidaymaker.

Fun to take a camera and wander about, seeing what’s happening.

This applies to anywhere. The dawn is often your best chance to take interesting, uncrowded, atmospheric photographs.

My main picture is looking south along the beach to Coolangatta and New South Wales beyond. We’re looking into the rising sun, and in my straight-out-of-the-camera shot, the figures are bare silhouettes. I’ve managed to pull out a surprising amount of colour in post – a good reason to shoot RAW rather than JPEG.

The sand curves around to the right, and I guess my childhood footsteps have long washed away, but this was my stamping ground in those days before high-rise holiday units dominated the horizon.