Delphi Selfie

Delphi Selfie

Delphi Selfie

20 Aug 2017

Temple of Apollo

If you’re visiting somewhere, and there’s a UNESCO World Heritage site in town, go see it!

These are places of historical or cultural significance, important to the world as a whole. Original Famous Ray’s Pizza shop doesn’t cut it.

Delphi Selfie

The navel of the world. Right.

During my recent visit to Delphi, we were given a half-day off in order to tour the archaeological site of the Temple of Apollo from the Classical Greek period. This was where the original famous Oracle dispensed prophecies to visitors from the sixth century BC.

The site holds the ruins of the temple, several interesting buildings such as the (reconstructed) Treasury of the Athenians, and the navel of the world. The present navel is not the original, which resides in the nearby museum, but still, this is not something you see every day!

My Delphi selfie

Delphi SelfieEvery visitor and their kid brother had a camera. Some (like me) had three if you count a phone. The place was a-whirr with the sound of shutters, or at least their modern electronic equivalents.

I couldn’t resist, and I whipped out my phone for my Delphie selfie. Of course, I immediately broadcast it for friends and family, but here it is for the permanent record.

I could have pointed the camera almost anywhere and gotten an amazing background, and I did. Here I am with the crags of Mount Parnassus behind.

As the site is on the side of a mountain, and earthquakes are common, along with landslides and erosion, it’s amazing anything survives. Various cultures did their best to pull down the remnants, so it’s not quite as impressive as it once was.

Delphi SelfieStill, it has its own grandeur, and the setting high above a valley leading down to the Gulf of Corinth is spectacular.

If you are even mildly fit, take the path up past the amphitheatre to the stadium where in ancient times the Pan-Hellenic games were held every four years. The views get better as you climb higher, and the best view of the stadium, along with some original seating, is from the far end.

Delphi SelfieIf you’re ever in Greece, Delphi is a day trip from Athens, but it’s probably worth it to stay overnight. Hotels abound, some with ample car parking, some not so much. There are any number of subsidiary sites nearby, the museum is well worth a patient visit, and dinner at To Patrika Mas, overlooking a splendid view, is the perfect way to spend an evening.

Tell them Pete of A Thousand Flights sent you.

Delphi Selfie