England swings

England swings

Marchela at Global Eyes is 26 and smiles a lot, and she gives us London through her eyes. Here’s her take on the Carnaby Street precinct, the very definition of Swinging London, back in the days when the Apple Boutique didn’t sell electronics.

England swings, and the Liberty shop on Marlborough Street rocks.Colourful, casual, and full of character, this area presents, as Marchela smilingly points out, an alternative to the more staid shopping in nearby Oxford and Regent Streets.

Clocks, arcades, arches, murals and more; this hidden gem is a delight. Explore and be charmed. Maybe not buy your whole outfit in these overpriced lanes, but hey, you can look for free, and settle down with something yum to nosh in the Kingly Court food feast.

I remember poking my nose in during my Monopoly BookCrossing.com release frenzy. The magnificent Liberty shop caught my eye when I hunted down one of the squares on the game board – Marlborough Street. Carnaby Street is literally just around the corner, and I cannot say that it was quite so vibrant in 2005 as it is now. It may be worth a second look.


Carnaby is a unique pedestrian area in the heart of London which offers a nice escape from the crowds and somewhat grey buildings on London’s most famous Oxford and Regent Streets. It’s a very relaxed combination of 14  narrow cute streets with simple colourful buildings which house over 100 shops and 60 places for a bite and a drink. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not encouraging all the spending in London’s overpriced shops, not at all. But even a stroll in this area will open up your eyes to a somewhat different side of London. With many independent cafes, bars and shops, this place really is doing its best to distance itself from the High Street and poshness of the city, and that alone I just love!

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Image credit: Marchela at Global Eyes

England swings like a pendulum.