Enjoy Iran

Quirky street art abounds in the cities of Iran. Colourful, fun, whimsical: enjoy!

Lonesome Wanderer has a special section in his blog called Enjoy Iran, and it is marvelous. What caught my eye was his post of photographs, each with a short caption, each a feast of beauty. Sometimes a literal feast of deliciously arranged foods.

I browsed through, sighing with recollections of my times in Iran. It is truly a beautiful land, full of friendly people and history that stretches the mind.

Something surprising that comes across is the Persian sense of fun. Every city has street art at major intersections or plazas, and more often than not it is something quirky and fun. These are people who smile and laugh and love life.

And, as LW says, always look up! There are some exquisite works of art in ceilings and especially in the domed mosques and palaces. Each time I see one of these superbly decorated places I am humbled by the skill and devotion of the artists.

But, I might add, look down as well. The glory and the detail of handmade Persian carpets brought me to Iran, and there are some superb examples to be found in that blessed land.

I don’t need to say much; just look through the album and book your flights!


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Lonesome Wanderer

Image credit: Lonesome Wanderer

Look up at the domed ceiling of the mosque. It is intricately patterned, a work of amazing art.