Fellow travellers

Fellow travellers

I’m probably the last person anyone would turn to for any sort of management task. I’m a foot-soldier, not a general. But somehow, somewhere along the way, I’ve managed a few group tours. A few days, a few people; we’ve had fun, seen the sights, gotten from A to B, and done the job without too many people yelling at each other.

So this article by Ellen Morgan from Broadsheet caught my eye. Sometimes there will be travel that involves more than family. Getting it right is crucial; people are spending a lot of money and their valuable vacation days to follow your plan, and if there’s waste and delay, they’ll blame you.

Some good tips here. Probably the best on the list is about shared communication. In the planning stages, listen to what people want from the trip, and what their special needs are. Sure, you can’t please everybody, but you can avoid a lot of problems early on. I’m planning a road trip through France right now, and I’ve started up a private Facebook group, where everyone gets a say on what they want. Extending this through the trip will be important, and I’ll make sure that everyone has a list of mobile phone numbers, social media handles and so on. 

Have you ever handled a group trip? What went wrong? What worked? Care to share?


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Ellen Morgan

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