Flight 0503

Flight 0503

Washington DC
21 Jan 2005

Flight 0503
AA 144 LAX – IAD
Boeing B734
Seat 23A (Y)

This wasn’t my first overseas flight. It wasn’t even my first flight entirely outside Australia. But it was notable for beginning at noon on a day that was already thirty-one hours old!

It was a confusing, thrilling, tiring, thoroughly memorable, and certainly the longest day in my life, and in many ways, it marked the beginning of my serious travels. I flew alone this trip, rather than with family or colleagues. From 2005 on, I flew around the world almost every year. Mostly by myself, but sometimes with a family member.

Always with a camera. And always with a journal to record my experiences. There is a wealth of memories in my travels, and I’m looking to share some of the highlights.

Not so much for the sake of bragging that I’ve been here and there and to this or that amazing place. But to show some skinny teenager out there that world travel isn’t something that needs to be delayed for decades until you’re ready. I booked the trip the day before this flight, half a world away, with virtually zero planning. I’ve since flown around the world many times, once in ten days for a few hundred dollars.

It’s not difficult, or expensive – though it can be! – and you don’t need years of planning. The biggest obstacle is inside yourself: that little nagging voice that says, “One day…”

Like I discovered, to my lasting astonishment and delight, that “one day” can turn out to be “tomorrow”. So what are you waiting for?