French Roaming

Traveling through southwest France for three weeks in a motorhome, just the two. Sounds superbe!

Kerri of Beer and Croissants describes three weeks touring France in a motorhome. Her amazing photographs of quaint villages, chateaux, green countryside, tranquil rivers, and spectacular surf beaches summon up a desire to do the same. 

I’m planning a French road trip next year. It will be my fifth, believe it or not, though only a few days; nothing compared to Kerri’s epic adventures. Still, there’s a lot to be said for pootling along French backroads, stopping in for lunch or coffee when an opportune moment appears. France is full of history, delicious food, great wine, and some wonderful scenery.

I cannot say the same for their network of toll roads. Expensive and boring, with food at the services about as interesting and exciting as fast food anywhere. My wife speaks scathingly of a lunch we had on the road to Paris, where slow-cooked pig trotters were on offer. I thought that dish was pretty good, actually, but the retching noises from my dining companion indicated the feeling was not universal.

The trip Kerri describes here is not her first. French roadtripping is definitely an addiction!

So. Travel in France, don’t hit the motorways, do stop in at the villages, explore, have fun. C’est trés bon!


We’re back.  Back in France and back in a motorhome. In an instant, I feel as though we’ve never left and at the same time it feels like it’s been too long. As the golden fields of corn pass me by, and we navigate our way through the small villages built right on the edge of the road, it feels so familiar. As the first boulangerie enters my line of sight, I feel right at home. All that’s left now is to kick back and enjoy our next 20 days on the road.

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Image credit: Kerri of Beer and Croissants

Spending three weeks on the road in southwest France, exploring chateaux, wineries, villages in a motorhome.


  1. Excellent reading, well written, I’ve been to France a few times, loved Nice, and Paris but that country side sounds amazing I have friends that go every year. Is this book for sale yet?

    1. We’re going again next year. Paris to Bordeaux with friends. Should be fabulous.

      I’m guessing you’re talking about one of the book ads from Amazon. They differ for every viewer. Best to click through and find out.

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