Gaudi display

Gaudi display

Andy and Bart are The Jetset Boyz, and here they talk of architect Antoni Gaudí’s as yet unfinished masterwork in Barcelona, the stunning Sagrada Familia. Easily one of the most impressive buildings I’ve ever seen, it inspires, its spired majesty lifting above the Barcelona plain.

It is the reason I wish to live to a great age, so I can see the thing complete. Andy’s lyrical words raise my desire to return.


“I remember the first time we went to Barcelona. Bart & I were celebrating our first anniversary with a holiday to Sitges. We took the train to Barcelona for a day trip. After arriving in the city, we hopped on a Barcelona Tour bus to try to get a feel for the place. I remember being wowed as the bus drew close to the Sagrada Família and I saw the amazing building for the first time.”

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Image credit: Bart of The Jetset Boyz