Giving it away

Giving it away

Giving it away

25 Oct 2017

We’re giving it away

Wow! My first year as a travel blogger has shot past so quickly!

Probably seems that way because it’s only been ten months since my first post here. Oh well, who cares? Time to celebrate!

Looking back

I’ve got a dozen years of travel to draw on. In that time I’ve been around the world nine times, and I’ve lost count of “halfway” trips to America or Europe. The photographs and memories are good for years of blogging, and I’ve made a few posts from this stock.

Delphi SelfieThis year’s trips have been to Iran, Greece, and New Zealand, and I’ve yet to do justice to all of them. As the fit takes me, I’ll continue the stories. I certainly had fun flying first class to Tehran, and it’s unlikely I’ll do that again.

I tried to keep posts down to “postcard-size” of 300-500 words and a couple of photos, but that hasn’t always been possible. 

I’ve dabbled in the SEO and social media games that go along with blogging. When it stops being fun, then I stop doing it. 

I’ve enjoyed myself, I’ve been myself, I’ve tried to entertain rather than sell.

Looking forward

I’m never going to be cranking out a post a day. I’m far too lazy for that. And I like reading other blogs.

So I’m kicking off a new feature in my blog today. It’s called “Channels” and it involves linking to posts that I consider to be extraordinarily beautiful, or useful, well-written, well-illustrated, or just happen to catch me on a good day.

I’ll just have a low-res photo, a paragraph, and a link, and a few tags and keywords to help in searching. Not the whole blog post; you’ll have to follow the link to the home blog to read it. I think that this will make the blog richer and more useful to all parties.

I’ve got upcoming trips to Queensland, Tasmania, Ireland, France, Spain and the Canaries blocked in for the year ahead. Should be plenty of material there!

The giveaway

As a perk of travel blogging, I’ve gotten a $200 Webjet voucher to give away. This is open to anyone and everyone in the world. I’ll pay postage. There are three steps to enter:

  1. Like my Facebook page: @athousandflights
    Follow on Instagram: @athousandflights
    If already following, just share or like or comment on something on both accounts.
  2. Go to my Facebook post here, like it, and answer this question in the comments:
    “What is the most rewarding part of travel for you?”
  3. Share this post on any platform using my share icons (FB, Twitter, G+ etc.)

Consolation prizes of:
• a complimentary Qantas lounge invitation, good until end Jan 2018
• an Emirates Business Class amenities kit

The first winner drawn gets their pick of three prizes, second of two, third gets the one remaining.

The contest will finish in seven days at midnight on 31 October 2017. One entry per person, please. I will randomly select a winner, notify them here on Facebook, and PM them for an email address to deliver the voucher. or shipping address for the other two.

Good luck!



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