My Great American Roadtrip

Great American Roadtrip

Great American RoadtripGreat American RoadtripPoint Mugu
4 Apr 2011

Roadtrips have been on my mind recently. There’s a lot to be said for jumping in the car, hitting the gas, heading on down the highway.

In a plane, you’re flying over the land with a great view, but sometimes there are clouds, the whole thing moves along pretty quick, you’re back on the ground in another anonymous airport terminal before you know it.

A bus tour, you get a professional guide, you ride along in comfort, you stick to a canned schedule, your free time is limited, your choices are close to zero.

A road trip, you are your own captain. Take this road or that road, stop to take a photo, have a meal, buy a souvenir, you are in command.

The trip

There were five of us:

  • Myself
  • My daughter
  • My son
  • My daughter’s friend
  • My BookCrossing friend, FutureCat*

I and my BookCrossing buddy were heading for the 2011 convention in Washington DC, and the others were along for the ride. In between San Francisco and DC, we were masters of our fate.

On the way back, it would be just me and a different BookCossing mate, and the plan was to do as much of Route 66 as we could fit in before handing the car back in San Francisco. 

Five weeks for the whole great American roadtrip. Let’s do it!


* So named by Americans because she always seemed to be posting from the future – on the other side of the International Date Line

The Great American Roadtrip map


    1. is a crazy American idea of registering books, getting an ID number, and then “releasing them into the wild” at a cafe, a hostel swapshelf, on a park bench etc.

      The idea is that others find them, look up the website, enter the ID and talk about how they found the book and its travels. Hopefully they let it go again.

      This can be a lot of fun, and books can travel quite a bit around the world.

      There are many BookCrossers who have registered and released thousands of books. We hold a convention each year (2017 Oslo, 2018 Bordeaux) where we get to meet others, swap books on big tables, listen to author talks, go out and explore the city (leaving a trail of books behind) and just generally have fun.

      There’s a discussion forum where BookCrossers from around the world talk about things – and occasionally books!. A subforum looks at interesting “catches”, like this one.

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