Green eyes in blue skies

Green eyes in blue skies

Gold Coast
30 Dec 2016

Here’s my fourth answer to the list of questions in Stephanie Fox’s Travel Whispers Blogger Challenge:

4. Who has given you ‘holiday envy’ this year, and how?

Tough question. So many friends both in real life and on Facebook who have been to some unique places. Not to mention travel bloggers. I asked my wife, and she said, “What about that guy who travels first class everywhere?”

Well, yes. Everyone envies “Lucky” Ben Schlappig and his first class lifestyle.

But the experience that really made me green with travel envy came from Josie of Josie Wanders. she hasn’t blogged about it yet, but she will.

In April this year she went hot air ballooning over the weird and fascinating landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey. Talk about tourism on the edge! This was a long way from the English-speaking cities that comprise most of my travels. This was above and beyond.


I yearn to go hot air ballooning. The majesty, the silence, the lofty viewpoint. Miles away from peering through a couple of tiny panes of glass from ten kilometres up.

At one with the wind, the smells of the countryside, the sounds drifting up.

It must have been amazing seeing the rock spires, the cliffs, the snowcapped mountains from a serene floating viewpoint.

Add one more thing to my bucket list!

For more on the Travel Whispers Blogger Challenge see: Xtra Lush – Annette Richmond’s blog overflowing with travel, food, craft, and happiness. Just reading her is a tonic for the soul. To participate, ask Stephanie at her Facebook group here.



    1. I think you already did in your personal blog. I intend to mine my previous travels to keep coming up with new material, and you’ve got a few great trips under your belt.

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