The lasting of the summer wine

Backyard delights

Backyard deightsBackyard delightsCanberra
6 Feb 2017

My previous post concerned a bottle of champagne on a hot summer afternoon that led to a change of seasons a day later, and a change of life ever after.

I enjoyed my few days in Washington DC so much, not to mention the excitement of travel, that I began travelling a lot more. All the far places I’d read about, all the songs about Route 66 and the Isle of Skye and the pyramids along the Nile and the Old Silk Road, all the movies set in Istanbul and Lake Como and Blue Hawai’i…

But here am I, a dozen years later, still in the same place, and a glass of wine after a hot day tastes just as good. We sit under the walnut tree in the backyard, a bottle of rosé, a round of cheese, some crackers and grapes, and we can travel the world.

I’ve taken my wife, my son, my daughter around the world, just two of us at a time, having a fabulous adventure. We’ve been overseas as a family, we’ve made family road trips, we’ve had experiences together and apart.

That’s the sweetest of all, I think. Sharing the memories.