Liebster four – the dud

Liebster four - the dud

2 Mar 2008

Josie of Josie Wanders asked me to answer ten questions as part of the nomination process for the 2017 Liebster Award.

4. Which place does everyone else rave about but you weren’t so impressed?

Glasgow springs to mind, but I find many others share my opinion. Los Angeles, likewise. Both much like the curate’s egg, I guess. Good in parts.

Maybe Thailand is the same, but my one day in Thailand wasn’t one I relished. To begin with, I had a bad cold, some virus picked up from a taxi driver in Hong Kong a few days earlier. I’d had no internet for several days, and I was not feeling 100% in myself.

Rather than take the long day trip to Bangkok, we elected to save a little money and get the free shuttle to Pattaya Beach. See a few sights, have a lunch that was a little more exotic than the very British shipboard food, do a little shopping.

The beach was unimpressive, the air was hazy, the temperature high and likewise the humidity. The beachfront was lined with stalls selling tack and pirated CDs, broken by a desultory bar or two. I could see the place really came alive after dusk, but by then we’d be well out to sea, and it didn’t look like my sort of scene. Loud music, touts, poor behaviour; I could just imagine it.

The commercial centre inland had a good mall – I picked up some art supplies and vital medication – but overall I found it noisy and crowded and unlovely.

Perhaps there are aspects of Thailand that are more graceful and serene. But not Pattaya Beach or the container port.


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