Liebster nine – the souvenir

Liebster nine - the souvenir

San Francisco
27 Apr 2013

Josie of Josie Wanders asked me to answer ten questions as part of the nomination process for the 2017 Liebster Award.

9. Is there a souvenir you collect on your travels?

Flight 1321
AA 2054 SFO – ORD
Boeing B738
Seat 6F (F)
Boarding 0540 Gate 56B

I had a cheapie airport hotel at San Bruno and a dawn flight. Got up, skipped brekkie – it wasn’t even laid out yet – somehow managed to leave my Lamy Vista in the shuttle, and arrived at SFO craving coffee. Starbucks wasn’t open yet, but Peets was, and I got them to put my latte in a souvenir mug because I knew that the American Airlines lounge wouldn’t have espresso. I carried it into the lounge and waited for my flight.

Yes, I have a souvenir I collect. Coffee mugs, preferably Starbucks. About twenty bucks a pop, heavy, fragile, bulky and essentially useless; I mean, how many mugs can one use in a lifetime?

Out of all my mugs, I think I like the Peets mug best. A pleasing shape and design, it holds just the right amount, and its only flaw is that it doesn’t advertise the name of the city, reducing its actual value to me as a souvenir. But I love it.

It was a good trip, part of a round-the-world jaunt, and the mug reminds me of the good times I had. My other mugs serve to remind me of the places I first picked them up. I guess I’ve spent a fortune on a lifetime of memories.

I hope they find a cure for Alzheimer’s.


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