Liebster two – the partner

Liebster two - the partner

4 March 2008

Josie of Josie Wanders asked me to answer ten questions as part of the nomination process for the 2017 Liebster Award.

2. Who is your preferred travel partner? Or do you prefer to go it alone?

There are a lot of advantages, in my eyes, to solo travel. I can faff about with my camera to get the perfect shot without someone checking their watch every half hour. I don’t have to selflessly give up my cherished window seat. I can fill up on junk food and spread my crap around a hotel room and get up in the middle of the night to check Facebook. I can go to the airport early and just hang out by a window taking photographs of planes for an hour and there’s no comeback from somebody who can – and will – think of a more productive way to spend time. Like eating a salad.

But so often I’ll see something marvellous and think to myself, “I wish I could share this moment.”

On the whole, I’d rather travel with a friend.

Routebear, perhaps. He never complains, he attracts women, he smiles at my jokes, he likes a glass of bubbly. But he occasionally gets lost, hiding in my duffel bag, or staying behind at the Washington Monument while I walk on.

Cari, who is quiet and beautiful and a keen photographer. She took me to Hiroshima and the Empire State Building and a dozen other marvellous places.

Andy, who is generous and full of bad jokes and loves history and old battlefields.

Jay, who understands my sense of humour, is a New Zealander (always a plusand loves cemeteries. We once sat on the side of Bloody Lane in Antietam, weeping for the dead.

Newk, who has an enthusiasm for points and loyalty cards and is good for an invitation into the First Class lounge. And has a love of the bizarre. I’m always a little terrified that he’ll lead me out of my comfort zone.

Janice, the English school teacher who is utterly and delightfully mad. She gave me a Route 66 Hawai’ian shirt, she loves chooks, she is adored by children of all ages, she has been decorated by the Queen.

Viv, who is nominally German, but has set about collecting nationalities. She has a bookshelf full of passports, wild travel stories, her appearance changes every time I see her, and she also loves chooks.

Ricky, who speaks five languages, is insanely intelligent, knows the best eating establishments in every village in every country, and is gentle and thoughtful.

My children, who accompanied me on two different round the world trips, and were a delight every step of the way.

My wife, who knows me better than anybody else, has my best interests at heart, and knows her art and architecture. I can hold her hand as the sun goes down over the ocean and be totally happy.

And dozens more. I’ve had joyous adventures with so many over the years.

My perfect travel companion is someone with a sense of adventure, a sense of fun, a sense of wonder. Someone mindful of others. Someone organised and knowledgeable would be handy, but not essential.


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