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Cinnamon Wolfe, in her self-titled blog aimed at photographers and bloggers, delivers gold. 

Let me explain. I know some photographers who – like me – invested in a nice camera, and like to document their travels. Their feeds are full of shots of exotic places, and it’s clear that they are having a great time, snapping away at all the glorious scenery and interesting locals. And their meals.

But their creative input ceases at the press of the shutter button. That shot is in the can, let’s post it to Facebook, move on.

No! They’ve only just begun. Unless they are a genius photographer – and they aren’t – the shot can be tweaked. That sunny beach photo? The horizon is just a bit tilted – happens to the best of us – needs to be leveled out so the water isn’t flowing away. That garbage bin ruining the landscape? Crop it out! That smoggy haze over Hong Kong? Use the “dehaze” tool to clear things up.

A good editing app can fix problems, make flat and lifeless shots pop, lighten up the shadows and give life to blown-out skies. It’s not cheating; all the information is already there in the digital image file. Just needs to be brought out to make that shot the best it can be.

I use Lightroom from Adobe, because not only does it let me edit my photographs to really bring them to life, it organises them for me. And I’ve got thousands and thousands of them.

The photo of the temple ruins above; it was shot into the sun, handheld, on a day full of smoke from bushfires. It didn’t look near as nice before I tidied it up. Lightroom makes a difference!

Cinnamon knows her stuff, and she offers the basics in a series of video tutorials. 


I looooove me some Lightroom.

I know that there are some other photo editing softwares out there, but Lightroom has my heart. If you are a photographer or hobbyist who wants to learn how to use Lightroom but it feels massively overwhelming to you, then start here…I promise that once you understand the basics of how it works, you will be working in Lightroom with ease!
Cinnamon Wolfe

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Lightroom beginners: Cinnamon Wolfe delivers video tutorials.