My best piece of travel kit

My best piece of travel kit

23 Dec 2016

It’s an electronic, plugged-in travel world nowadays. Travel blogs are full of nifty gear: cameras, tablets, phones, wearables. But when I get to my hotel room they need recharging before the next day’s adventures, and like as not, the room may only have one spare power socket. Sometimes I have to rummage behind a piece of furniture and unplug something like a desk lamp before I can free one up.

And if I’m overseas, it’s the wrong sort for my chargers.

So a power strip like this one, coupled with a socket adaptor, is a godsend. The first thing I do after I plonk down my bag is to pull this out, plug it in, and hook all my chargers up to it. I can then do something else – like collapse into bed! – and in a few hours, every device I’ve got will be charged up.

Notice the rubber bands I’ve used to keep the cords tidy. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my travels, it’s that cords and cables will tangle themselves into an ungodly mess. If left to their own devices.


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  1. Yes, I have one very similar I never leave home without! Travelling with teenagers taught me very quickly how essential a power board is. And the USB ports are a must too.

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