My number one hands-down most useful travel site

My number one hands-down most useful travel site

Australian Capital Territory
27 Jan 2017

Before I found this useful travel site, I made my first overseas trips in the regular fashion. I went down to a travel agent, told them what I wanted, gave them some money and they did it all for me, handing me a wallet full of confirmations and tickets.

I no longer do that. Now I arrange everything for myself. I make sure that my hotels are in convenient locations rather than wherever the travel agency has some sweetheart deal. The flights are – as much as possible, anyway! – at reasonable hours with good connection times, on the airlines that will give me frequent flyer points in my preferred program. Rental cars are ones that I’ll enjoy driving. In short, I do my best to arrange things the way I like them.

It was a big jump for me to make. Planning a round-the-world trip can be complicated, take days of research, involve dealing with many different organisations, and there’s always the worry I’ll forget something vital, it all goes pear-shaped, and I’ve only myself to blame.

My Secret Weapon!

But I have confidence. And a secret weapon. My absolute most useful travel site is an online community of people on the same wavelength. They offer me detailed guides on how to do complex travel tasks, they inform, they entertain, they support, and perhaps most of all, they have saved me many thousands of dollars over the years.

This is an Australian group, but similar forums may be found for other countries, and I guess is as close as it comes to having a global group for travel planning.

In posts to come, I’ll tell you exactly why this Australian group is pure gold, but let me just say that they are my first stop in planning a trip. I owe them for years of amazing adventures and hassle-free travel.


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