One perfect day

One perfect day

18 Mar 2016

Here’s my seventh answer to the list of questions in Stephanie Fox’s Travel Whispers Blogger Challenge:

7. Describe your perfect travel day of the year?

Often the perfect travel day is one between thrilling adventures. Just bumming around doing the laundry and drinking coffee.

I think my best day was in Lisbon. I had nothing much to do, so I caught a bus out to Conchas in the suburbs – and here I heartily recommend the Citymapper app, as a godsend in getting places by public transport in strange cities – where I had earlier looked up the location of a Little Free Library.

This turned out to be a cute little glassed-in bookshelf in a park. I left a couple of books and took a couple for further travels.

A few metres away, a cafe beckoned on this rainy day, and I ordered a cafe and nata – one of the small and delicious Portuguese custard tarts.

I watched as passersby trudged through the damp, and then I spotted a young man checking the books. He took out a few – my books! – brought them inside and sat down with a coffee.

I introduced myself. Turned out this fellow was the keeper of the library, and a fascinating person. We chatted, I bought him a nata (which he showed me how to eat properly, with cinnamon on top) and he told me about himself and his library.

Books are two a penny, but the thoughtful, caring, generous souls who run these little book boxes are gold. Meeting a friendly local is perfect.

For more on the Travel Whispers Blogger Challenge visit The Four Cats Plus Us (gotta love that title!) – where Amy Evans displays her love of polar travel. To participate, ask Stephanie at her Facebook group here.


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