Pet Peeves: The Share Buttons

Pet Peeves

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12 Mar 2017

There are things that irritate me a little. I see a lot of travel blogs, and I see the same things. Many good, some not so good.

Pet PeevesApart from my number one top best pet peeve – list posts of “Ten Best Tips for This or That” – the share buttons grip my gripes.

I see them all over the internet. Great posts, but the dratted share buttons are obscuring the text, and I have to either guess at the hidden letters or slide the text up and down to read the whole thing.

If you are putting a lot of effort into writing a great post with lyrical content and fabulous photographs, why hide it?

And why add something that gives the reader an excuse to leave the page immediately? It might not be much, but if I hit a page that I don’t like the look of, I’m not likely to hang around. Nor am I going to share it.

Put your share buttons on a post, by all means, but have them at top and or bottom, or in a margin, or maybe over on the right side where they won’t hide the text. Just sayin’.



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  1. Yes! Those share buttons that sit over the text annoy me to no end! Like you, I tend to give up reading as it all becomes to hard to move the text up and down to avoid them.

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