Picture perfect

Picture perfect

17 Apr 2016

El-Goli Pars hotel. Sunset. We’re here for two nights, enjoying this modern tourist hotel in a green area away from the busy centre. “I’d like to know what the Tehran Times thinks of Donald Trump,” mused Bruce, our tour leader.

That gave me an idea, and my wife and I had a little fun in the lobby, getting the Iranian flavour just right.

We headed for the elevator – a glass-walled affair that made the most of the hilltop views – and Bruce said to the dozen or so in his group, “That’s a lovely sight!”

He gestured at the level sunlight chopping up a mountain into arresting planes and shadows. He confessed later that he’d been hoping that one or two would leave the crowded elevator to admire the view, but no, I was determined to race up to my room to seize my camera and the moment.

Which I did as soon as I could wedge my way out when the elevator reached my floor.

So glad I did. I love this photo, the bare slopes rising above the dusky apartment blocks, crowned in snow and sunlight.

We line up for the iconic shots of the Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower, but so often the best images come by chance.



  1. I agree. My favourite images are the unexpected ones, not the planned ones with famous landmarks. I’m glad you were able to capture the beauty in this shot.

  2. I agree with unplanned photos! Most of the time, I get good shots when I just snap my phone. Though it still good to be able to take shots more creatively. 🙂 I enjoyed reading this article, your happy voice is felt. 🙂

    1. Most kind. Phone snaps are all very well, but there’s only so far a tiny lens can take you in image quality, just from the physics. Having said that, I take a lot of photos with my iPhone if the story is the shot.

      And why not live life with a smile and a happy heart?

  3. That picture is indeed marvellous. The backdrop of the mountains is giving it such a dramatic effect

  4. The picture tells a story, i’ve never been to Iran but it’s definitely on my list. This is so correct, sometimes the best photos come by pure chance 🙂

    1. Iran’s opening up to Western tourists. And Chinese – they are coming down the old Silk Road, it seems!

      It’s a beautiful country full of friendly people. Highly recommended.

  5. Your last sentence is SO true! Some of my favorite photos have been taken in places that’d I’d never be able to tell anyone else how to get to! Although popular tourist attractions are popular for a reason, I often feel overwhelmed by the busy scene that surrounds them! That photo is beautiful, almost looks like a painting.

  6. I’m dying to go to Iran! I had a friend just go and he loved it. It’s one of my must go places. I hope to make it sooner rather than later. Great shot!

    1. Thanks! A bit of effort to wear a scarf if female, and have nothing to drink if male, but totally worth it. Loved my visit, returning soon.

  7. Nice style of writing, I really enjoyed it! That would be a very interesting place to visit!

  8. I love the feature image, did you take that photo? I really enjoyed your writing too, happy to come across your blog & look forward to reading more about Iran

    1. There’ll be more about Iran. All the photos are mine, except for the stamps, and a very few which are credited to others.

      Thanks for the kind words!

  9. And indeed, the photo turned out perfect! Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed it. And you’re right, best photos are the unplanned, right moment!

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