Here’s a swan and a half. New South Wales woman Sorelle Amore won a world trip with no worries about where to stay. Luxury mansions all the way. We could all handle that gig, yeah?

Rosie Fizmaurice of Business Insider caught up with Sorelle who explained how she handled three months of mostly solo travel – she spent a week with her boyfriend at The Mandala House in Bali – living in luxury houses managed by Thirdhome, described as “The AirBnB for the 1%”.

This is a job I’ll never get. It helps to be young and beautiful, articulate, take a good photo – and have a social media following of a hundred thousand or so. Good on her. I like her style.


“My travels reminded me that humans all around the world are the same, they just want love, connection, and respect,” Sorelle said. “In today’s world there’s so much fear it’s BS. Seeing how caring the world is reminded me that actually we’re OK.”

Lots of travel-related companies now hire individuals with big Instagram followings to produce these kinds of sponsored posts, as it often works out cheaper than placing adverts in magazines — and typically reaches more people through the mighty powers of social media.
Rosie Fitzmaurice

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Image credit: Sorelle Amore