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Retro shooter: Fujifilm X-T20

The Traveling Boomer is a blog I’ve been following for a good many years. Paul piqued my interest with this post about a travel camera, a modest mirrorless from Fuji. It certainly looks the part, a very handsome retro SLR look. He says it has a rangefinder style, but with that chunky prism hump, it’s definitely channelling the single lens reflex cameras of yesteryear.

Has a host of dials and knobs and buttons on it, including a shutter speed dial, a rarity in today’s digital world. Two of my Leicas have this feature, and when coupled with an aperture setting on the lens makes for convenient and intuitive photography. For those whose skills are at least a notch up from the iPhone brigade.

The two overarching characteristics of the ideal travel camera are bulk (or lack thereof) and flexibility. Yes, you can carry a big DSLR with a slew of lenses and take professional shots in any situation, but you’re going to have to heft this kit around and have it monopolise your carry-on baggage.

Interchangeable lenses help capture a variety of settings, because that’s what you get when travelling: anything from close-up shots of the produce on market stalls, to safe but long-distance snaps of lions feasting. Landscapes and street photography, sun-drenched beaches and dim temple interiors; one lens rarely covers all.

A big plus here is that this camera will fit into a small bag or jacket pocket. Anything bigger and it either hangs on a strap or stays at home, and when I’m travelling I don’t necessarily want to advertise that I’ve got something worth stealing on a thin cord around my neck.

Fuji isn’t a brand I’ve had much to do with, so over to Paul for his full review.


Like some of Fuji’s other mirrorless cameras, the X-T20 sports a retro, rangefinder look that resembles the small but versatile cameras of the 1960s. Fuji supplied me with a black model for the trip, but there’s also a very classic-looking silver edition.
Paul Marshman

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Image credit: Paul Marshman

Retro shooter: Fujifilm X-T20

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