Second First

Second First

Shiraz in Shiraz

Second FirstSydney
New South Wales
19 Apr 2017

Flight 1702

EK 415 A388

Scheduled: 0600
Boarding: 0530 Gate 57 Seats 3E/F
Pushback: 0552
Takeoff: 0613 to South
Landing: 1405
Gate: 1408

My second First

I don’t make a habit of flying First Class. In fact, I’ve only ever had one international First trip before this one, and that was an operational upgrade from Frankfurt to Dallas/Fort Worth. It was very comfortable, but I was kind of miffed that I didn’t have the window seat I’d carefully selected in the J cabin.

I look on Business Class as the best way to fly long haul. Economy, especially for a generously-proportioned soul such as myself, is too close to torture for my liking. First is an indulgence, and not generally worth the money over Business. It could be better spent on a nice hotel. Or a new car.

I looked up the cost for this flight and it made me gasp. Luckily, I wasn’t paying for it. I’d gathered up enough points through the various boondoggles that serious points hounds go through to have enough for the trip.

Looking and booking

Finding the seats had been the hard part. I’d looked for a pair of Business seats between Canberra and Tehran return. The tricky part had been finding availability between Australia and Dubai, and while on the homeward journey I could get Business seats on a slightly indirect route Tehran-Dubai-Singapore-Melbourne-Canberra, for the outward legs there was nothing at all on anything like the dates I needed.

There were, however, a pair of First seats two days earlier. Leaving at six in the morning, a long transit in Dubai, and arriving in Tehran just before midnight. It worked out to a higher cost in points, two extra nights in Tehran, and an overnight stay in Sydney, but I wouldn’t have to wedge myself into Economy.

And, I told myself, it would be something I could write about for this blog. A journalistic endeavour rather than an indulgence. Right.

The seats were on Emirates aircraft rather than Qantas, but that was quite okay. Emirates has a legendary premium product, and my research indicated that this would be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

And a nice surprise for my wife.

Rather than stint my post, or write several thousand words in one chunk, I’ll divide the flight up into postcard-sized pieces. There’s a lot to cover.


Second First

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