Show me a good time

Twinned chimney pots on Gaudi house in Barcelona. Show me a good time.

Here’s a bit of a giggle and a new approach to travel hacking. Using Tinder when you’re on the road to find the sweetest parts of a new city.

The only times I’ve been to Barcelona, I’ve had my wife with me, and um, I don’t have a Tinder account anyway, but what the hey. For those who are young, single, and looking for a good time, this may be the way to match up with a good guide and a foot massage king.

Just be careful not to put a foot wrong along the way, otherwise, you might end up flat on your back re-examining your strategy.


Juliette O’Brien tells all:

I’ve been single through most of Tinder’s ascent to ruler of the dating apocalypse but my knowledge of it has always been second hand. I’m not keen on hook-ups or dating for that matter. Even if I was, I reckoned physical chemistry was impossible to gauge from photos or online chat.

But could Tinder actually help me — the broke and friendless — to discover Barcelona? It was worth a try.
–Juliette O’Brien

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Image credit: Nikke Lindqvist

Smiling lady in front of La Sagrada Famillia in Barcelona