Jaguar on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

I’ve driven on the Isle of Skye. We hired a Mercedes from Avis Prestige – a lovely car, but I was hoping for a Jag like the previous year – and set off from Fort William to Dunnet Head, the most northerly part of the British mainland. We may have spent a little too long at Eilean Donan, the glorious and much-photographed castle a little further south, and I was contemplating the chances of our arrival at the night’s accommodation before dusk.

As it happened we made it, but even though we drove through some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland, we had very little time to stop and take photographs. I’ll have to go back one day and take a week to do the same trip.

But I was determined to visit Skye. We drove across the bridge, went around the roundabout at the far end, and recrossed to the mainland. End of Skye visit!

So, well, I guess I’ve been to Skye, but it hardly counts.

The Wanderlust Crew has been there and done the thing proper. Some amazing photography of the island’s sights. And useful advice for driving on the narrow roads there. Roads which abound in rural Scotland, let me say. Wonderful for driving through glorious scenery, not so great for making good time!


Driving on the Isle of Skye can be a little tricky. First of all, you’ll be driving on the left of course, and almost all the roads are “one track roads” meaning that both directions share one lane. There are passing places which are labelled with “passing place” every few hundred feet. If you see a car coming and you’re near a passing place, pull over to the left. If the passing place is on your right, stop on the left-hand side of the road and let the oncoming car pass through the passing place. Do not cross over and pull into a passing place on the right!

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Image credit: Wanderlust Crew

Sights to see on a Skye road trip.

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