Speed blogging

Speed blogging

A little outside my normal sort of post about travel and travel blogs, but the information in this post is relevant to all travel blogs. Better performance, more readers, more page-views, more money!

Ivica Delic at Knowledge Base for Freelancers has put together a useful guide on speeding up WordPress sites. You run a travel blog, chances are it’s powered by WordPress, and it could use a little hurry-up, yeah? I know I got some big gains very quickly by following this advice.



  • We will show you how to speed up WordPress website from the user side perspective, using some of the simple, yet efficient techniques and tools, so-called “Quick-wins”.
  • The stuff that speeds up (or slows down) a web site is truly a random pile of tweaks, tips and changes. It’s a ton of little things that add up to enormous impact for prospects, customers, and search engines alike.
  • You will see in an example which free web tool to use and how to identify the biggest speed problems on your site and how to remove them.

Read more here: How to speed up WordPress website from the non-technical perspective? 

Image credit: Peter Balcerzak at Flickr