Spring in Autumn

Spring in Autumn

Spring in Autumn

Spring in AutumnCanberra
13 Apr 2017

Finding Spring in Autumn

April in Canberra and the leaves are beginning to turn. Already here and there a tree is showing golden or scarlet against the general green. Later on, the whole city will be a delight of colour.

The morning mists are coming thicker and faster. Often they become fog at the airport, and flights stop until morning tea time. The canny travellers here choose the first flight out of a morning because their plane is already on the ground and can blast off through the fog. The second flight out is problematical because the plane has to land, and if the fog is thick enough, it can’t. Passengers stare out into the grey gloom over the tarmac, order up a fresh coffee and make their phone calls.

The winter chill begins to bite. Gently now, but later on it will be a hard frost every morning for months.

Spring in AutumnApril is my month for travelling, and I generally head up to the Northern Hemisphere, where the cherries and the tulips and the dogwoods are coming out. April is also the month of the annual BookCrossing.com convention, usually held in Europe or North America, and I love to see my online friends and explore some new city in their company.

It’s a good time of year for international travel. It’s pretty clement everywhere. Not too hot, not too cold. Same in September and October, of course.

Back on the road

In a few days’ time, I’ll be off again. I’m seeing Facebook posts from my friends, packing up and moving out for this year’s convention in Oslo. Some are already there, doing a little local travel before the thing kicks off, some are on the move, some are leaving it until the last moment.

Spring in AutumnI enjoyed the convention in Athens last April, and in places like Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Washington DC, Oxford, Christchurch and many others in previous years. It was certainly a thrill to ramble amongst ruins two thousand years old or to sit at a rooftop restaurant for dinner, the floodlight Acropolis a backdrop to our meal.

I’m sad that I’ll miss the Oslo gathering this year. There’s a conflict with our upcoming trip to Iran, and I cannot juggle our travels to do both.

It will be good to get back on the road. Instead of mining my previous travels, I’ll be able to blog about experiences fresh and exciting.

Possibly more exciting than I’d prefer if America’s nitwit president keeps on rattling sabres in the direction of every nation he doesn’t like. Iran is certainly near the top of his list, and I’ll be mightily browned off if cruise missiles come raining down on Tehran airport while I’m there.

Stay tuned to this station, folks! Trump or not, I can guarantee some excitement and adventure to come.


Spring in Autumn