Strasbourg: double desire

Double Delight

Dorota at Born Globals talks about her “one perfect day” in Strasbourg, the capital of the French province of Alsace. This borderland area has always fascinated me as changing over time from being part of France to part of Germany, and vice versa. If both nations want it so badly that they war over it, it must be pretty good, eh?

And it is. Dorota and a friend explore this charming old city, discovering its treasures, its secrets, its local specialties, and its best delights. 

She thinks her native Poland has the market all but cornered on one particular thing, but she discovers, to her surprise and wonder, that this wedge of Western Europe has Poland outdone. Read on and see what it is!


Alsace is the region I once only connected with history lessons and dates described as “Alsace taken by Germany” or “Alsace given back to France”. From XVIIth century till the end of II World War the region went from French to Germans and back six times!

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Image credit: Dorota at Born Globals
Double delight