Sweet in Crete

Sweet in Crete

Mei of Travel with Mei and Kerstin has produced the most mouth-watering description of Crete ever. Complete with photographs of their meals. More people should do this, I think. Seven destinations, seven meals, seven yummy descriptions and photographs. 

And, dear reader, this is healthy tucker. Go, read the post, eat the meals, live to be a hundred and chase goats up steep hills. (Just kidding.)


The traditional food on the island of Crete is not only famous for being healthy and nutritious. But it’s even renowned for being miraculous. Apparently, the Cretan Diet has proven to prolong life by reducing diseases. According to a comparative study, which monitored the health of a group of 700 men in Crete over a period of 30 years, Cretans had the lowest percentage of deaths compared to the groups living in 6 other countries. The secret formula of the Cretan longevity is mainly attributed to their daily dietary habits.

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Image credit: Mei and Kerstin at Travel with Mei and Kerstin