One sweet day

One Sweet Day

Sometimes, I think we miss the point of travel. We have the perfect meal, we want the perfect Instagram to show it off. We have a hotel room with a fantastic view, out comes the camera, out comes the laptop to record the moment.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with that, but what is it about travel and new experiences that we really crave?

It’s the people, I’m sure of it. People with different backgrounds, different life experiences, different likes and loves.

We see our own lives through different eyes, and we discover ourselves.

Here. Go read this post about sailing on Lake Garda. Fabulous place, I loved it. Italy is blessed with its lakes, its mountains, its sun and its food and its wine, and Lake Garda is one of the best.

It sounds like a fabulous day out, one for the camera and the laptop, but hey, read this for me and tell me I’m dreaming if it’s not about the people?

Christina and Adam run a travel blog at Our Sweet Adventures, and I love reading their posts. Full of joy, full of fun, full of people.


After what felt like hours on the water we sailed back into town with wet suits and big smiles on our faces. Sometimes we had to pinch ourselves that this life we were living was real. We are sure that most Workaway experiences are amazing, but our hosts really take the cake. How many volunteers can say they learned how to sail on Lake Garda with their host family!?! We will forever be grateful to Aly and Marco and their friends and family for their generous hospitality in making this day of sailing on Lake Garda a memory we will cherish forever.

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Image credit: Christina and Adam of Our Sweet Adventures