Best Travel Camera

Best Travel Camera

Matthew Karsten of The Expert Vagabond gives a rundown on how to choose the best travel camera. This is a subject of keen interest to me, and Matt’s advice is gold. The proof is in his pudding, with a blog full of amazing photographs, and he’s actually carrying his kit with him. He even includes a shot of his carry-on bag and all the camera gear that fits in it.

Retro shooter: Fujifilm X-T20

Retro shooter

The Traveling Boomer is a blog I’ve been following for a good many years. Paul piqued my interest with this post about a travel camera, a modest mirrorless from Fuji. It certainly looks the part, a very handsome retro SLR look. He says it has a rangefinder style, but with that chunky prism hump, it’s definitely channelling the single lens reflex cameras of yesteryear.