Majestic Masada in Israel, overlooking the Dead Sea

Majestic Masada

I love reading travel blogs where the personality of the blogger shines out. So many blogs are clones of each other, offering the same SEO-driven keyword-loaded content, the same identical structures, the same advertising. I like to travel, and I like reading about adventures in exotic places, but I swear if I read one more post about Ten best things to see in Paris I will scream out Sacré Merde and heave a baguette through my laptop. Or something.

Abby at The Winged Fork runs a quirky blog, focused on travel, food, and love. Assisted by her sister Sarah and friends, she covers a range of places and activities. How often do you see a blog post on the difficulties of foreign travel with a pair of extra-large breasts? Or eating invertebrates for dinner?