New South Land

Ancient cultures in a new south land

Rhonda and Jeff Albom at Albom Adventures describe an enchanting garden in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful cities. I love Dunedin; it is a slice of Scotland in the antipodes, where Robert Burns embodies the very heart of the city, and shops advertise fresh haggis. The magnificent railway station is the most photographed building in New Zealand, and the city is home to many wonders, not least the steepest residential street in the world, where future Olympians must surely live.

A good Chinese garden is a journey through many realms: of beauty, imagination, culture, emotion, and the senses. Every detail carefully thought out and implemented, here one may relax in an oasis of tranquillity amid the city’s bustle. Not that Dunedin bustles a great deal, but the place of peace is located here.