Tehran selfie

Tehran selfie

Persian perspective

20 Apr 2016

Tehran selfie

On my first visit to Iran, I couldn’t help but notice that Iranians had a sense of fun, in direct contrast to the popular image in the West.

Far from being a dour and humourless people, Iranians and their art are full of life and fun. Almost every roundabout in an Iranian town or city will have a piece of public art, and it is usually quirky or playful.

Tehran selfiePerhaps the best example I found was in Valiasr Square where a gigantic curved billboard had a mural of a man taking a selfie. With every passerby and their aunt mugging for the camera.

It took me by surprise through the windscreen of a taxi, and I was only able to fire off a few shots as we sped past. Tehran drivers are a breed apart, let me say, and unless there is a firmly red light or a squad of traffic police, they stop for nobody. Especially not pedestrians.

Tehran’s murals

The capital – and indeed every Iranian city – is full of murals. Sometimes it is the apparently benevolent Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei, often a “martyr” from the Iran/Iraq war, sometimes a piece of anti-American propaganda.

But often it is something striking, artistic, colourful, and amusing. It pays to keep eyes open and camera at the ready when whipping through Persia!


Tehran selfieTehran selfieTehran selfie