The Routebear story – part three

The Routebear story - part three


14 Apr 2006

Flight number 0612 (Aer Lingus 272 Dublin-Birmingham) got me back to England in a drunken condition after a brief and enchanting visit to Ireland and from there a friendly BookCrosser escorted me to Shrewsbury, where I appeared as a guest on the amazing Jim Hawkins’ morning show on BBC Radio Shropshire to talk about and perform the “Tim Tam Slam“* live on air.

They gave me a bag of goodies – BBC souvenirs, some of which I find still glued into my travel journal – amongst which was a little BBC bear. It was Good Friday, and he had the crimson band and bell of a Lindt chocolate rabbit around his neck. The bunny itself presumably consumed by Jim’s cheery and curvaceous producer Elaine.

I must have more photographs of Ringbear – as he was christened that night in Frankfurt after one of those days that makes traveller’s tales so entertaining afterwards – but the photo of him on the beach at Waikiki two weeks later is the first I can find, years on. Apparently, I removed the bell for the shot, but he gets it back.


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* Yes, that’s me in the Wikipedia photo, that evening in Frankfurt.