The Routebear story – part two

The Routebear story - part two

New Zealand

27 March 2005

Flight number 0506 took me to Dunedin in New Zealand, where we drove up to Christchurch for the convention being held there. We had a passenger on the trip, a young lady whose screen name was Rarsberry. She said goodbye – a long goodbye – to a young man, and all the way up the coast she texted him, and he texted her. Every few minutes. Kind of sweet.

Now they are married, have two delightful daughters, and he’s the luckiest man in the world. Second luckiest, my wife says.

  Rarsberry had a little Mcdonalds toy – a tiny kiwi – she had made up a journal for him and was planning to send him to various members around the world so that they could take photographs and record his adventures in the journal.

As it happened, I had my first round-the-world trip planned for the next month, and I offered to take Bilbo Kiwiberry along with me so I could give him a few miles before passing him along to the next in line.

Oh boy, did I have a ball! Fabulous trip – I’ll write more about it later – and I took photos of the young kiwi perching in front of some global icons. The journal is online and well worth a read. I also learnt some lessons about photographing a small kiwi in front of very big things. More on how to get a good photo later on.

I had so much fun, that after I reluctantly passed him on, I thought about getting my own little travelling buddy.


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