Thursday’s Journal: the State of the Blog

Thursday's Journal: the State of the Blog

State of the BlogCanberra
Australian Capital Territory
2 Feb 2017

Thursday seems to have become the day when I talk about the state of the blog. Like a baby turning into a toddler, every day brings something fresh to this infant blog.

Changing from a traditional blog home page to a “postcard and title” page has worked well. I like the look of it, it’s easier to find posts instead of scrolling through and through and through, and it highlights the photographs, which I think are one of my main strengths.

After a few criticisms, I’ve gotten rid of the Disqus comment system and returned to the basic WordPress style. It was giving my readers conniptions, and some of my responses were getting lost in transit. Not good, either way!

I may change the system again. I’ve seen a blog using a Facebook comment system, and I really like the look of that. Seems to be a little fiddly to set up, and the current version has poor reviews, so I dunno.

I’m guided by perhaps the most successful blogger ever: Arianna Huffington. If I can take in a fraction of the advice she and her team at the Huffington Post offer, I can’t go too far wrong!

Plans and Planes

State of the BlogQantas, in what may be an oversight, has given me complimentary Gold status in their Frequent Flyer program. I’m already a lifetime Silver member, but Gold level gives lounge access, and that is worth a lot, especially on long international flights, where free internet, coffee, a meal and a blessed shower can be had before getting back on board for another half day in the air.

I didn’t actually fly enough to make Gold under the rules, but Qantas sometimes does things like that. They gave me an extra year of Platinum status once, and that comes with a pass into their flagship First lounges, which are very good indeed.

I’ve put down a deposit on a European trip. Back to Greece in the second half of the year for a week or so studying Plato in Delphi. Unlike last month’s retreat in Mahratta, this won’t involve washing dishes or vacuuming the carpets. More time for philosophy, and apparently there’s a break in the afternoon for the students to bus down to the beach and drink ouzo. However, I suspect there won’t be enough in the kitty for seats at the front of the plane there and back.

State of the blogUnlike my booked tickets to Tehran in a couple of months. The tour leader has advised that our visa approvals have come through, so in a few days I’ll be taking my passport and paperwork to the Iranian embassy and getting another visa. I won’t have to pay extra for rush treatment this time around, unlike last year where we were off to Portugal a couple of weeks later.

Oh yeah. I made a tech purchase. Something I need on the road but I’ve been putting off for a while. More on that later.